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Send and receive money through multiple channels from anywhere to anywhere

Unique New end-to-end solutions

  • With PayGlobal, you can receive and send your funds – all in one place!
  • Receive funds through banks, cards, alternate payments and cryptocurrencies
  • Send funds to banks, cards, alternate payments, ATM and Point of Sale
  • Fast, secured, easy to use solutions
  • Monitor all your transactions online using PayGlobal


PayGlobal is fortified with the latest and most advanced security measures in the industry. We take a comprehensive approach to security as your funds are protected by our leading security protocols. The security of your funds is our top priority. PayGlobal is continuously investing in keeping your data safe and secure.

Cutting edge Technology

Our state of the art technology offers new payment solutions yet to be seen on the market which position PayGlobal as a market leader in payment innovation. Now more than ever, our clients can benefit from convenient online financial services and options to send and receive funds. We are constantly releasing new payment products to our customers.

Licensed and regulated

PayGlobal is an electronic money provider regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom license number: 902067

Our products

PayGlobal eWallet

Use your PayGlobal ewallet to collect payments from anyone globally. Once you collect funds in your PayGlobal ewallet, you can withdraw funds to your bank account, credit and debit cards or get cash at Automated Teller Machines. PayGlobal is your one stop shop for all your payment needs.

More products by PayGlobal

PayGlobal’s mission is to continuously add more new, unique, innovative products for receiving and sending funds worldwide. Our product development team is always one step ahead of the industry.

We work with

Internet users
Fintech companies
Software developers