Unionpay Fees

Card Feeper transaction90 USD
Annual Fee*per year15 USD
Card Loadper transaction


POS Purchase/Internet Transactionsper transaction2.50 USD
ATM Withdrawal**per transaction4 USD
ATM Balance Enquiry**per transaction3 USD
Online Balance Enquiryper transactionFREE
Forex Feeper transaction1.50%
Cross Border Feeper transaction1.00%
Card to Card Transfer***per transaction8 USD
Denied Chargeback Feeper transaction40 USD
Representmentper transaction20 USD
Retrieval of Sales Slipper transaction15 USD

* To be deducted at end of first year
** Network/Bank fees are pass-through
*** debit $4.00 from source & $4.00 from destination account

Unionpay Limits

Frequency Price
Minimum Card Load Per Instance 100 USD
Maximum Card Load Per Instance 10,000 USD
Maximum Card Load Per Month 50,000 USD
Transaction Limit (POS/Online/ATM) Daily 2,000 USD
Transaction Limit (POS/Online/ATM) Montly 20,000 USD
No of transctions can be done Per Hour 5
No of transctions can be done Per Day 20