UnionPay Prepaid Card

Safe and Secure substitute

Why use cash when you can use the UnionPay Debit card as a secure substitute wherever and whenever you need.

Universal Acceptability

Your UnionPay Debit card can be accessed globally over millions of POS locations and ATMs and also at any merchant locations wherever the UnionPay logo is displayed.


The transaction history, account status and expense managment of your UnionPay Debit card can be easily accessed through your bank statement with itemised details conducted at POS locations and ATMs.

Global Transactions

Leave your worries about global travel and the hidden fees associated with it. Your UnionPay Debit Card coverts all your foreign transactions to US Dollars on the applicable exchange rate on that day.

Anytime cash withdrawal from ATMs

Withdraw your cash easily anytime with you UnionPay Debit Card from any ATM carrying the UnionPay logo globally.